Hatchlings is Hiring!

What to Expect

Hatchlings is a social gaming company located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Our community includes players from around the globe, and we believe in engaging our users with exciting interactive content every day.

Here at Hatchlings, we promise you a fun and challenging environment. Things move pretty fast in the startup world, and in order to succeed, we need self-starters on our team. All members of our core team are intimately involved in the creation of our games. As part of a small company you will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of roles and responsibilities and you can expect to contribute ideas that shape the company’s path.

Positions Available

Full Stack Developer ($70,000)

We are seeking a developer who is interested in taking over the technical responsibilities for our core games over the next 2 years.

Hatchlings is growing, and we’re drawing from our experience and long-term success in social and mobile gaming to develop innovative new products around emerging technologies. As we explore the possibilities in new tech, we need a technical lead for our established core gaming franchises. Our games have reached over 15 million users, and your code would be an instrumental part of attracting and engaging the next 15 million (and beyond).

At the start, this position will work closely with our founder to get up to speed with our codebase. As time goes on, the person in this job role will take over the technical responsibilities for our games, with the aim of eventually becoming the technical lead of that side of the business.

Company Overview

Hatchlings is a social and mobile gaming company based in downtown Des Moines. We just celebrated our 10th Anniversary. We’re profitable and growing, with a ton of ideas we’re excited to execute on in the coming years! Our company structure is very horizontal. Core team members have key areas of work focus, but make contributions to our releases in all areas; from concept, to execution, and beyond.

Our core games include:

The world’s largest Easter Egg Hunt.


  • 10 years of history
  • Over 5000 unique eggs that hatch into virtual pets across 6 different game modes
  • Seasonal events and challenges
  • Thousands of Premium Members
  • Vibrant fan community
Daily jigsaw puzzles with unique artwork.


  • Over 1000 jigsaw puzzles, with a new puzzle released every day
  • Available for web, Android, and iOS
  • Hundreds of Pro Members
  • Weekly (paid) “Puzzle Pack” releases
  • Huge potential to expand our reach

In addition, other core assets include a top-notch team, the code base for several of our “retired” games, a huge catalog of unique artwork, a 10 year history of successful game launches, and a rabid fanbase to help bootstrap new projects. Our work environment is flexible and in a unique space shared with other growing companies.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a candidate with at least a few years of relevant experience.

Mastery Required

  • PHP
  • JavaScript + Node
  • MySQL

Some Prior Experience

  • Linux/Unix
  • Source control
  • AWS (EC2, RDS, Lambda)
  • Data & Analytics

Learn on the Job

  • Facebook API
  • Firebase
  • Memcached
  • Apache Cordova

We would love to find someone who has a wide breadth of experiences. The ideal candidate is a quick and eager learner, with an entrepreneurial mindset. They are an excellent problem solver, with strong communication skills on paper and in person.

A great candidate for this position is a hacker at heart, and will have created projects from start to finish on their own time and dipped their toe in the waters of marketing and monetization of a web or mobile project. Bonus points for having worked in someone else’s codebase before. Double bonus points for having experience or interest in learning native mobile development.

Please provide samples of your work with application.

Salary and Benefits

This is a full-time position at our Downtown Des Moines office with an annual base salary of $70,000.



  • Work with an awesome team
  • Contribute to game ideas and company strategy
  • Make video games all day
  • Opportunity to learn new and cutting-edge technologies
  • No two days are the same
  • Grow and scale with us over time

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